Breeders of the NEZ PERCE HORSE

Equine Impact
By Brad W.Gary (Lewiston Tribune)-7/09

A film crew from the Smithsonian Institute visits the Lapwai Valley to look at how horses have affected Nez Perce Tribe's culture over the centuries.

The story of a tribe and its horses told ...; Through a camera lens
By Joan Abrams (Lewiston Tribune) -10/98

Rippling muscle. Sleek black contrasting with tawny gold. Glances. Prances. It's breeding time at the Nez Perce Tribe's Young Horseman Project south of Lapwai and filmmaker Janet Kern is there to capture close-up the courtship of an Appaloosa with an Akhal-Teke. This is the opening montage for a chapter of Kern's documentary,

Tribe Famous for Horses Sees Future in Them
By Jim Robbins - 11/96

As Rudy Shebala walks through a pasture full of quietly grazing horses on a nickel-gray autumn day, a long-legged colt approaches him and nuzzles his arm, and Mr. Shebala reaches out and scratches the sleek beast's nose.

Nez Perce Launch Horse Breeding Program
By Michael Murphy - 11/95

    It's half past one in the morning, on a cool summer night in the mountains of north central Idaho. Suddenly, the silence and darkness of the night are broken by sounds of approaching trucks and the slice of headlights through the blackness. The trucks stop, their headlights still cutting through the night. However, all is still not silent, for heard are the deep, rich, guttural voicings of horses

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