Breeders of the NEZ PERCE HORSE
Nez Perce Horse Registry

Meriwether Lewis of the famous Lewis & Clark Expedition to the American West noted of the grand horses of the Nez Perce in a February 15, 1806 journal entry.

"Their horses appear to be of an excellent race: they are lofty, elegantly formed, active and durable: in short many of them look like fine English horses and would make a figure in any country".

The Nez Perce is striving to regain that fine horse through their Appaloosa - Akahl-Teke cross. The Nez Perce Horse, administered by the Nez Perce Young Horsemen Project will re-establish the Nez Perce as the leaders in horsemanship. The Young Horsemen Project is dedicated to recruiting Nez Perce youth, ages 14-21, to learn the art of good horsemanship, horse management practices and the economic opportunities via horses.


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